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TCP problems only on *some* macintoshes...?

i'm having some problems in my lisp (MCL) application on some remote
machines that i was hoping i could get some help, or at least some ideas,
on. i'm using MCL 2.0.1 with the cyclone-cursor-patch, oodles-of-utils,
cartier's contribs (from cambridge.apple.com), and a whole gob of my own

here's the problem: certain machines can't seem to make an ftp connection
(much less actually transfer a file) they seem to pause for a while after
opening the bulletin window/dialog and then eventually i get a message in
the listener saying something about none of the known nameservers are

now, i know that the MacTCP configuration for the machine is functioning
correctly since these machines can do everything else (eg - telnet, fetch,
eudora, etc) *except* use the cartier's contrib version of ftp in my
application. i know that it's not that my application is somehow hosed and
unable to communicate via TCP/IP since i *can* connect to my oracle
database with this application via TCP/IP. both machines that are having
troubles are running system 7.1, have MacTCP 2.0.4, valid IP numbers and
hostnames on the local nameservers, and have the latest network software
from apple (NSI 1.4.4).

i'm really stumped on this and would really appreciate any and all help



ps - how can i get a list of all of those patches that bill st. clair
(that's the guy, right?) keeps talking about, and then how do i get these
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