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MCL images & resources ....

I've been attempting to do a save-application for a project I'm 
working on, but I have NO idea how to make the saved image
use customized resources for document and fasl icons & such.

I've tried using res-edit to edit the resources and change
the creator and all, but to no avail.  When I save a file
it still saves it as an "MCL document" with the standard

I can't find answers to this question in either the MCL faq
or the MCL 2.0 manual.  In fact, here is what the manual says
to do:

p. 650


Here is an example of saving an application using the 
:resources keyword.

(save-application "My App" :resources '(copy-my-apps-resources))

(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute :load-toplevel)
  (require :resources))

(defun copy-my-apps-resources (resource-file)
  (declare (ignore resource-file))
  (let ((refnum (#_CurResFile)))
    (with-open-resource-file (my-refnum "My App.r")

okay .... now maybe I am just missing something, but i just
can't get the above instructions to work in any of 10 combinations
that i've tried!

Thanks (in adv.) for the help!

-aaron .: culich