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Effective immediately, the MCL mailing lists info-mcl and info-mcl-digest
are available through digitool.com. Please direct mail for these lists to
info-mcl@digitool.com. Administrative requests should be addressed to
info-mcl-request@digitool.com or info-mcl-digest-request@digitool.com.

Note that the 'cambridge.apple.com' addresses will forward to digitool.com
but eventually that forwarding will be disabled. Please start using the new
addresses right away.

Also, during testing of the new mailing lists a few of my test messages may
slipped out to news group. I apologize for the noise.

Please contact me at the below address if you have questions or run into
any problems.


Chris North
System Administrator, Apple DPG
Cambridge, MA
cnorth@cambridge.apple.com              Voice: 617-374-5383