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Re: Application versions- S

        Reply to:   RE>Application versions:  Saving poi
> How can I save paths to files when I make an application version?
> I'm using various routines for playing QT movies and showing PICT
> files that referen#001#ce files but the pointers get killed when an
> application is made.

If by POINTERS you mean macptrs, i suggest you start using a string
representation or (logical?) pathnames. Take a look at chapter 10 of the

If you are (already) using pathnames you can choose from a range of options,
E.G. before you save the app you define a variable and you store associations
of files and pathnames in that variable:
   (defvar *my-paths* '((dirty-1 "My HD:stuff:science.pict")(dirty-2 "My
Note however that any changes made to the variable when running the new
application last only as long as you are running it. Next time you restart,
the var will have the value '((dirty-1 "My HD:science.pict")) again.

If you want to make changes while runing the new application, that have
effect next time you use the app, you can save all neccessary info in a file
before you quit your application. Make sure that this file is loaded at

Hope this helps,