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PowerPC Performance

We're in the process of deciding whether to purchase some Power Macs
(8100/110) and since MCL is our primary development environment we
don't want to take a big hit in performance. I've done some tests
and the results were:
	PowerMac 8100/80:		1:55 (1 hour 55 min)
	Q900 w/ 40MHz Daystar 68040:	0:22
	Duo270c (68030, 68882):		1:40
	Duo280c (68040LC):		2:49
Most of the computation is occuring in foreign code (happens to be Fortran).
We also use C code. Obviously the absence of an FPU imposes a big penalty.
So here are my questions:

1) When the native Fortran compiler is released, will it be possible to 
   simply load the foreign code as we do now or will an update to MCL be
   required? We can live with the MCL performance in emulation if the
   foreign code can run native.

2) Is Apple coming out with their new emulation code which supposedly
   improves performance? When?

Thanks for any info...

  Seth Goldman					Hughes Research Labs	 
  seth@isl.hrl.hac.com				3011 Malibu Canyon Rd.	 
  (310) 317-5693 voice				M/S RL96		 
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