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MCL & Mathematica


For the past 5 months I have pursied a project here at the L.S.U. School of Musi
c , a project which links Mathematica with Mac Common Lisp.  After several month
s and several contacts with person in the MCL community, especially Mr.BillSt. C
lair, Alice Hartley, Guillaume Cartier, and Mr. Peter Stone , and lastly, Mr. Sh
awn Sheridan of Wolfram Research, who developed MAthLInk...I have now reached an
y some basic success.... At this point I am turning over the MCL-Mathematica pro
gram to Mr. Shawn SHeridan  at Wolfram Research..since Mr. Sheridan hopes to release it in a later version of MathLink. I see this at the best interest of the MCL community, at large, since many of you may wish touse this link for other purposes other than music synthesis(which are my special interests). Anyfurther questions abouttheprogram can be sent to info@wri.com or shawn@wri.com...

I would like all who in one way or another responded , encouraged, or contributed to correcting the many mistakes in code and questions I had..I look forward to continuing with all of you as my academics continue her at L.S.U.

Sincerely, and 
God Bless