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Update to drag-and-drop.lisp

 > Date: 23 Jan 95 13:45 GMT
 > From: CAMPER@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Camper, Dan)
 > Subject: Update to drag-and-drop.lisp
 > To: INFO-MCL@cambridge.apple.com
 > Sender: owner-info-mcl@digitool.com
 > I've uploaded an update to drag-and-drop.lisp to the Cambridge ftp site; its
 > path is
 > /pub/mcl/contrib/drag-and-drop2.lisp
 > Several bug fixes are included as well as some additional functionality.  Bug
 > reports and enhancement requests are welcome.
 > If someone has admin access to the contrib directory, please delete
 > drag-and-drop.lisp (the original version of this module).
 > Dan
Thanks Dan! I've deleted the old one and renamed the new one to