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Re: point-in-pict-p

In article <95Jan26.095955est.144280@explorer.dgp.toronto.edu>,
markt@dgp.toronto.edu (Mark A. Tapia) wrote:

|On Thu Jan 26, Richard Lynch asks:
|  Given a pict that was formed with, say:
|   (* ...code to generate a picture and store it in pict  *)
|  I need a function that will return non-NIL for those pixels actually
|  covered by the rectangle, but NIL for those points inside the rectangle.
|  ie, (point-in-pict-p pict #@(12 12)) --> T [or any non-NIL]
|      (point-in-pict-p pict #@(24 24)) --> NIL
|  Is there some easy way to do this?
|Here's the function point-in-pict-p. Obviously, the function can be
|protected by checking to see whether the picture is really a picture.
|Here's the code that does what you want, I haven't tested it.
|(unless (fboundp 'ccl::valid-picture)
|  (defun ccl::valid-picture (the-picture)
|    (and (macptrp the-picture) (handlep the-picture) the-picture))
|  (export 'ccl::valid-picture :ccl))
|(defun point-in-picture-p (picture h &optional v)    
|     (when (valid-picture picture)
|              (rlet ((r :rect :topLeft (rref picture :picture.picframe.TopLeft)
|                     :bottomRight (rref picture
|           (point-in-rect-p r point)))

Nah, that's the easy part.  The question remains:  How do I test that a
PICT is going to actively CHANGE a given pixel color.  eg, #_FrameRect
does *NOT* alter the pixels in the interior of the given rectangle.  I
want a hit test that only includes those pixels QuickDraw has actually

-- "TANSTAAFL"  Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu