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comm toolbox file tools

   Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 13:16:09 -0500
   From: straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann)

   At 11:42 AM 2/2/95, Bob Hall wrote:
    >Why can't MCL find any file transfer (or terminal) tools?  Don't some of these
    >come with System 7.1 (e.g. like the connection tools do)?  Have I not loaded
    >or installed something correctly?

   The Comm Toolbox looks for tools in your Extensions folder. They have
   little yellow jigsaw-puzzle icons.

Yes, I know.  My extensions folder has them for "Apple modem tool",
"AppleTalk ADSP Tool", "Serial Tool", and "MacTCP Tool",
but no file transfer tools and no terminal tools.  My question is:
shouldn't I find at least *some* file transfer tool in there (assuming
I just installed 7.1 using the garden path installation procedure, with
no custom installation)?  Or doesn't System 7.1 provide, for example, an
xmodem tool?

-- Bob