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Please respond to me directly because I don't subscribe to this mailing 
list.  Thanks!

We are experiencing two problems, and I am very interested in any 
information anyone has concerning them.

The first problem I call the "wrong folder" problem.  For years we have 
been using the call "(choose-file-dialog :directory dir)" to allow us to 
select the initial folder that is displayed in the Choose File Dialog.  After
installing System 7.5, the call became broken in that the Choose File 
Dialog opens ignoring the folder directive.  Our client complains about the
wrong folder problem on his Powerbook 540c with System 7.1.1.  Any 

The other problem I call the "QuickTime/freeze" problem.  Our clients 
complain that when they use our application to create a QuickTime movie,
they can then view the QuickTime movie only up until the point when they
quit out of our application.  If they re-launch our application and try to 
view the QuickTime movie, the Macintosh freezes.  This problem we have 
been unable to recreate on our Macintoshes!  Has anyone experienced 
anything like this?

Thank you very much.
Nicholas Lubofsky
Metron, Inc.
(619) 792-8904