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Object specifiers in Apple events

We are trying to control a C application from a LISP application. To do
this we try  to use SetData events
to change the value of global variables of the C target application, using
the file AEStuff.lisp from the
Cambridge server.  Unfortunately  it does not seem to work so easily and
the target program is not able to resolve the object specifier describing
the global variable. This  worked seamlessly when the front-end application
was written in C but the LISP code, that parallels the previous C code,
really sets us a problem.

We would appreciate very much if somebody could send us comments,
suggestions or relevant pieces
of code on the use of object specifier in Apple events, as AEStuff.lisp
contains no such example.

Many thanks in advance.

D. Guillon and C. Meunier