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moving windows to the back

I found something that could send a window to the back without using
the (Set-window-layer) command. There is a mac trap, called SendBehind 
which will send a window to the back or behind another window, 
and *this* doesn't call view-deactivate-event-handler. The final procedure
(defmethod view-deactivate-event-handler ((view procs-window))
	(#_sendbehind (wptr view) (%null-ptr)))

And this works. One problem is that the procs-window is still hilighted
in the background, and I turned off the highlight after I moved it
back, but it got rehilighted by MCL again. I don't know. Maybe I should
change this to an :after method. 


One thing, I wanted a cc-window to appear on top, when someone
clicked away from a specific window. (The cc-window is the command
input window, so when you're done with the procedures page (procs-window)
it would go back to the command center automatically) 
I tried what someone suggested, which was to put an 
(eval-enqueue (window-select cc-window)) in it, but I just got another
recursive bug with my windoid trying to be on top, vs. the cc-window.

I think I'll just leave it out, for now. :)

One thing that bugs me about the Mac Toolbox is that even when a window
is not active it can be hilighted. I'm not sure the reason for this but 
it seems like a violation of UI if a background is left highlighted. 
(except for a windoid) Why didn't they just lump these two functions?

Oh well, thanks for the help.

Andrew Begel
MIT Media Lab
Epistemology and Learning