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web pages for Apple developer info

Nancy Morrison
Apple Computer, Inc.
(408) 862-6200
Apple Announces Availability of New Developer Pages and File
Transfer Protocol Site on World Wide Web

Developers to Have Increased Online Access to Support and
CUPERTINO, California--February 16, 1995--Affirming its commitment
to the developer community, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced
that it has added a developer section to its world wide web pages.
The new set of pages includes information on Apple's development
programs, as well as business and technical data.  Additionally,
the company has set up a file transfer protocol (ftp) site on the
Internet specifically designed to provide in-depth content
regarding applications development.
    The developer pages contain comprehensive information on the
company's developer support programs, complete listings of Apple's
Developer University courses, online tutorials, articles from
Apple Directions, the Developer Business Report, Macintosh
technical notes, pointers and directories of the developer ftp
site, and Develop, the Apple Technical Journal.
    The ftp site makes available demos, software, tools, technical
documentation and other application development information.
Specific content includes all issues of Develop (complete with
sample code), all issues of Apple Directions, APDA catalogs for
ordering development products, Developer University demos,
complete sample code and demos, system software extensions and
header files. Technical documentation consists of Inside
Macintosh, Macintosh Technical Notes, Macintosh Developer Notes,
Apple Events Registry and suites, ABS Technical Notes, peripherals
documentation and human interfaces.
    While the data is available now via eWorld and AppleLink and the
Internet, future access services are expected to include
CompuServe, America Online, GEnie and Prodigy with back gateways
through the Internet. Apple plans to update both the web pages and
ftp site as new information becomes available.
    "We wanted all developers worldwide to have access to our
resources and be able to choose their access method," said Shirley
Stas, Apple director of Developer Support. "Because so many
developers use the Internet, it was a logical choice to extend our
reach globally.  By creating these new web pages and increasing
the information on our ftp site, we can broaden the scope of
developers everywhere." Stas added that developer response has
been extremely positive.  "Developers have thanked the company for
its effort and have articulated their support and appreciation for
making the information so accessible and convenient."

    Apple's World Wide Web pages can be accessed through
http://www.info.apple.com/dev and the ftp site at
    Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized pioneer and innovator in the
information industry, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-
use personal computers, servers, peripherals, software, online
services, and personal digital assistants. Headquartered in
Cupertino, California, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) develops,
manufactures, licenses and markets products, technologies and
services for the business, education, consumer, scientific &
engineering and government markets in over 140 countries.
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Apple Computer, Inc.  Additional company and product names may be
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