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hypercard-style "scrolling fields" in MCL?

In a MCL application I'm starting to write, I need to emulate
some of the functionality of an existing Hypercard stack. Much of
what I need is already in MCL (buttons, etc.), but I'm unsure 
how to go about producing what in Hypercard would be a "scrolling
field".  That is, I want to display text in a rectangular subregion 
of a window, and attach a scroll bar to the region.  (There will
typically be many times more text than would fit in the region.)
The text doesn't need to be editable by the user, but the program
will be creating some of it at run-time.

Are dialog items the right way to go about this?  That is, can I just
use a static or editable text dialog item, and attach a scroll bar
dialog item to it?  (My attempts to get this to do what I want have
been unsuccessful so far, but probably for silly reasons.)  Or is
there a better way to go?  Any pointers to example code would be
appreciated ...