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dotted lists

Beginner Q...

StCLtLp30 suggests (a b c . d) is OK, and MCL accepts it, but hits the Listener
if I try to take its (length).

Q1: This is a feature, yes? (I gather MCL is pretty solid.)

Q2: *If* it is a feature, isn't it inconsistent for MCL to *accept* a
badly-formed (Q2.1: Is it?) quoted list.

I note that (a b c.d) works as advertised.

I *do* see Steele mentions "In MacLisp, the dot...need not be surrounded by
white space." The MCL behavior suggests to me "_must_ not be surrounded by
white space" is the rule here.

Q3: (curiosity only) I gather MacLisp is unrelated to the Macintosh. Is MCL
related to/derived from MacLisp in any way?

I am freaking out over how magnificent CL is, but I *do* want to understand
behind the scenes stuff, so Q2 above is very interesting to me.

Hang on...maybe the inspector will let me at the cons cells. I would like to
see what exactly MCL cobbled together.

Ken Tilton
Missing Link Software