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MacTCP trouble

A question for MCL/MacTCP wizards:

I'm having terrible problems trying to open passive TCP streams from
MCL using the MacTCP routines.  Whenever I do (open-tcp-stream nil 0)
and then try to abort (cmd-period) the Mac crashes into Macsbug with
the message "MacTCP -- Duplicate IOC".  (The same thing happens if I
use Cartier's non-hanging passive open.  The Mac invariably crashes
about a minute after I call open-tcp-stream, even if nothing else is
going on.)

I looked at the code and found at least one puzzling thing.  %tcp-passive-open
does not assign tcpioPB.open.localHost.  I tried assigning that field to
(%tcp-getaddr) the way %tcp-active-open does and the problem persisted.

Help!  I'm tired of having to reboot my mac every five minutes!  (BTW,
I am running under system 6, MacTCP 1.0.1)

Erann Gat