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Style Question: mapcar vs. dolist

Hello all,

Thanks so much for answering my previous questions.  I have been using MCL
for about a week now and I love it!  I plan to use it for all of my proto-
typing needs.

Well, here's my question.  In performing operations on list, I got into
the habit of doing things like

(mapcar #'(lambda (object) (some action on object)) list-of-objects)

Today, however, I discovered DOLIST.  Presumably, I could do this instead:

(dolist (object list-of-objects) (some action on object))

So my questions are:
 1.  Are the above two forms always equivalent?
 2.  If so, when is it more stylistic to use DOLIST?  To use MAPCAR?

Thanks for your input!
Cecil Huang