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making dialog items invisible

At 11:51 AM 5/23/93 -0400, Mark A. Tapia wrote:
>Stacy Marsella writes on Sun May 23 00:55:30 1993:
>  Any suggestions as to how one can make dialog items
>  invisible - e.g., something that has the functionality
>  of window-show and window-hide.
>Provided that you're using MCL2.0, the view-hide and view-show
>functions will do exactly what you want.
> (setq win (make-instance 'window))
> (setq dialog-item (make-instance 'editable-text-dialog-item 
>                                  :view-size (make-point 100 20)))
> (add-subviews win dialog-item)
> ; (view-hide dialog-item)
> ; (view-show dialog-item)

I don't believe that view-hide and view-show are part of MCL 2.0, though
they are certainly not hard to write. The two ways that spring to
mind are using SET-VIEW-POSITION to move the view far away from the view
port, and using SET-VIEW-CONTAINER to remove it from it's parent view.
I'd probably do it something like the following:

(defmethod view-hide ((self window))
  (window-hide self))

(defmethod view-show ((self window))
  (window-show self))

(defmethod view-hide ((self simple-view))
  (let ((container (view-container self)))
    (when container
      (setf (view-get self :saved-container) container)
      (set-view-container self nil))))

(defmethod view-show ((self simple-view))
  (unless (view-container self)
    (let ((container (view-get self :saved-container)))
      (unless container
        (error "No saved container for ~s" self))
      (set-view-container self container)
      (setf (view-get self :saved-container) nil))))