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On Fri May 28 19:11:46 1993, Sheldon Shen writes
  Does MCL support pixelmaps? (Inside Mac VI Chapter 17 discussed pixelmaps.)
  I stored color pictures into bitmaps.  When they are copied into a window,
  they become black and white.   Any pointers?
MCL does support pixelmaps. When copying color bitmaps into a window,
ensure first that the window is color (make-instance 'window :color-p t),
since the default is monochrome. Next you'll have to ensure that you
use the same "color map". I had similar problems when I wanted to
save a restore a portion of the screen to suport marking-menus. For
code which saves and restores a rectangular portion of the screen,
see the oou-utils.lisp file in menu-enhancements.sit.hqx in the contrib
directory (pub/MCL2/contrib). In particular, examine wht with-saved-screen