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Q: masked windows and reaction times


Two questions:

First, I am a bit annoyed by the way MCL treats views/windows. During
computation MCL tends to cover windows (esp. ones I use for graphics) with
a gray mask. These masks disappear when computation is finished, but much
of the drawing seems to be lost. Is there a way to prevent this masking, or
at least recover all that was ported to such a 'ripped off' window?

Second, I am about to set up a reaction times experiment. I must be able to
control the duration of events accurately, and have response time measured
to a fairly high degree of precision (at least milliseconds). I am afraid
MCL is just not the right language to do this, because there are probably
many things going on under the surface (e.g., will turning garbage
collection off satisfy?) that I don't know about. Am I right, or is there a
way to assure that MCL operates in a 'real time' mode?

Please respond by e-mail: I am not sure if our news server operates properly.

Thanks, Arnoud.

Arnoud Verdwaald,
University of Nijmegen,
e-mail:    arnoudv@ped.kun.nl