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? MCL 2.0 on a Centris 610

#include <stdio.h>

	printf("Hello Apple...\n");


I have recently purchased a Centris 610 with System 7.1 loaded.
Additionally, I have the Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (MACL) 1.3.2
environment.  Well, obviously I needed to upgrade to Macintosh
Common Lisp (MCL) 2.0.1 and I did.

I also have a Macintosh SE/30 running System 6.0.5.  I wanted to
get all of my applications running on the Centris before upgrading
the SE/30 to System 7.1, so I was able to run some tests and I
have some questions concerning MCL, System 7, and the Centris 610.

You may gather from the address that I do indeed work for Sun 
Microsystems, Inc.  But, this is for my own personal use at home,
not for Sun.


Centris 610			SE/30
230 MB Disk			40 MB Disk
CD-ROM Drive
System 7.1			System 6.0.5 (NO MODE32)


I have this Lisp program I wrote some time back that does not use
any of the MACL extensions, i.e. it only performs data manipulation
and simple arithmetic with car, cdr, +, *, etc.  This program takes
a fairly long time to complete and so it was a good personal 
benchmark to use.

Initially, MACL 1.3.2 wouldn't even run on the Centris 610.

The upgrade, MCL 2.0, performed in the following manner:

1.	With		Virtual Memory (16 MB) & 32-bit Addressing

	The system booted fine with the PTable extension X'ed out
	when the system started up.  The manual says this is supposed
	to happen if virtual memory is used.  MCL started fine, but a
	fresh compilation of my program produced the following

	;[Stacks reset due to overflow]

2.	With		32-bit Addressing
	Without		Virtual Memory

	The system booted fine, this time with the PTable extension
	running, but I received the same results.

3.	Without		Virtual Memory & 32-bit Addressing

	The system hung after the extensions and the menu bar appeared.
	Locked up tighter than a drum.

4.	With		Virtual Memory (16 MB) & 32-bit Addressing
	Without		PTable extension (removed from the system)

	Same as in #1.

5.	When I loaded MCL on the SE/30 everything went like clockwork.
	MCL loaded, the system booted up fine, MCL started fine, the
	fresh compilation proceded fine without any messages, and the
	benchmark ran well.


Since everything ran well on the SE/30 with System 6.0.5 I presume 
there is a problem with either System 7.1 or the Centris 610 with


Is this a configuration issue, extensions, etc.?

If not, do I need a patch for System 7.1 for this configuration?

If I need a patch, how may I get it?

advTHANKSance for your assistance and prompt response and sorry for
the extremely verbose nature of this e-mail.  It is my nature... :-)

Brian Lovewell
SMCC SE - Cincinnati, Ohio