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any portable persistent

Subject:   RE>any portable persistent object manager
I would also like to know of persistance tools even if not portable.  I'm
interested in tools for Allegro PC or CLOE; however, I'm not interested in
STATICE (too expensive, bulky, and non-distributable).  If someone would be
interested in porting WOOD to either of the two environments, I'd be willing
to talk to them about sharing development costs if necessary.

We require the ability to save classes as well as instances.  We do not
need to save methods nor to execute methods in the database.  Ultimately,
sharability would be useful; however, the overhead of a real DBMS for
normal users is too onerous to convince them to go through the headaches
of installation and administration.

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 Date: 6/18/93 9:33 AM
 From: Mathieu Lafourcade
 Subject: any portable persistent object manager

 Hi folk !
 I am looking for a pesistant object manager (like WOOD thank Bill) but
 portable among different CLOS systems.
 Any pointers ?

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