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where is eval-enqueue's queue? (was: Free from appleEvents pr)

Andre Koehorst proposed one solution for communicating between
HyperCard and MCL without waiting for a response, i.e. put an explicit
eval-enqueue in the function HyperCard calls.  The way I did it was to
make the 'dosc' apple event handler do the eval-enqueue itself, which
means all evaluate requests return immediately.  If there is an MCL
response, MCL sends HyperCard an Apple Event, which our HyperCard
routines process during idle moments.  Another possibility is making a
new Apple Event that does the enqueuing.

This prompted one question I've had through our development: how can
one access the list on which eval-enqueue pushes its stuff?  I want
to see if there's anything (any of my requests) pending on the queue.
I realize I could modify my AE handler to record this information in a
global variable, then check it, but if there is already an accessible
list, I'd rather use that, especially because I would have to shadow
the forms evaluation to remove items from my variable (I don't know how
messy that would get).