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MCL 2.0 vs. 2.0.1?

>Does anyone know what the differences are between MCL 2.0p2 and MCL 2.0.1? I
>ordered 2.0.1 from APDA, but was sent 2.0. Should I hassle APDA about getting
>2.0.1? Thanks for any info...
>                                                                -- Scott

Hi Scott--

Thanks for asking; I've been meaning to post something about this. 

MCL 2.01 was delayed after the APDA catalogue went to press. We expect to
ship it soon. It will be only slightly different from MCL 2.0 -- in fact,
we did not even build the MCL 2.01 application from sources, but started
with a vanilla MCL 2.0, then:

 -  installed patches 1 and 2;
  - installed the "Centris patch"
      (fixes problem with Centris without FPU);
   - installed the "IIci patch"
      (fixes problem with IIci, exactly 4MB of RAM, 
       and VM and onboard video in use)
  - loaded a patch that speeds up calls to make-instance.

In addition, there are a few new "examples" files, some updated source
(i.e., "examples", "library", and "Interface Tools") files, and a new
ptable. Finally, the CD is being updated with new versions of the user

All of the files required to upgrade from MCL 2.0 to MCL 2.01 will be
available for anonymous ftp from cambridge.apple.com or via the
archive-server. Or, if you don't feel like doing the upgrade yourself, you
will be able to buy an upgrade kit from APDA, for a relatively nominal fee.
Stay tuned -- we'll announce MCL 2.01 here when it's ready to go (it's in
testing now).

Thanks for using our Lisp.

Mark Preece
Apple ATG East.