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Updated MCL 2.0 files released

I've just uploaded a new "PTable" and new versions of a number of MCL 2.0
source files (from the "Examples", "Library", and "Interface Tools"
folders) to cambridge.apple.com, where they are available for anonymous
ftp. Logon to this host as anonymous, then type your email address for a

The new PTable replaces all previous versions of PTable, and should work on
every kind of Macintosh (please let us know if you run into any problems).
The source files are the most current versions of all the files we've
updated since the release of MCL 2.0.

The files are in this directory:


Here are their names:

                (15,373 bytes)
                (108,470 bytes)
                (50,447 bytes)
                (227,748 bytes)

Each file is BinHex encoded. To get a new Ptable, all you need do is decode
the BinHex (you can use the BinHex example application that's shipped with
MCL, or some other application that knows how to deal with BinHex, like
StuffIt or CompactPro).

In the cases of everything except Ptable, decoding the BinHex will create a
self-extracting CompactPro archive, which will in turn create a folder.
Merge the files in this folder into the corresponding folders in MCL 2.0.
(Note: some of the folders contain subfolders whose contents must be merged
into the corresponding subfolders -- be careful not to replace entire MCL
2.0 folders with the new folders, but to copy the files from the new
folders into the old ones). Finally, start up MCL and type:


The new files are also available on AppleLink, in:

        Developer Support
                Developer Talk
                        Macintosh Development Tools Discussions
                                Macintosh Common Lisp Discussion

Please let me know if you have any problems downloading or installing these
files. If you find bugs in them, please mention that they are "2.01"
version files when you report the bug to:


Thanks for using MCL --

Mark Preece