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MCL crashes on Centris 610?


I'm a new reader of this newsgroup, having just been headed this way by a
friend.  I've not been able to find an FAQ for this group, so I'll post:

I'm trying to run MCL2.0p2 on my new Mac Centris 610.  I'm getting very
weird crashes (consistently) in the interpreter, yielding an error message
something like: "Stacks reset due to overflow" or some such.  Eventually,
the MCL application just crashes.  I've tried running MCL with no inits, a
few inits, etc., all to no effect.  I've heard rumors, now, that the CPU in
the 610 is incompatible with MCL.  That seems believable, if a bit strange.

So, can anyone point me in the right direction?  FAQ pointers appreciated,
too (I've already checked at rtfm.mit.edu:pub/uunet)

Thanks, Matt
		Matt Evett
		Dept.Comp.Sci., University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.