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MCL crashes on Centris 610?

At  9:22 PM 7/17/93 -0400, Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
>On 16-Jul-93 in MCL crashes on Centris 610?  
>user Matt Evett@scruffy.cs.um writes:
>>I'm trying to run MCL2.0p2 on my new Mac Centris 610.  I'm getting very
>>weird crashes (consistently) in the interpreter, yielding an error message
>>something like: "Stacks reset due to overflow" or some such.  Eventually,
>>the MCL application just crashes.  I've tried running MCL with no inits, a
>>few inits, etc., all to no effect.  I've heard rumors, now, that the CPU in
>>the 610 is incompatible with MCL.  That seems believable, if a bit strange.
>Have you installed the FPU- resource? It is available at
>cambridge.apple.com in /pub/MCL2/patches/Centris-without-FPU directory.

Please install that patch. It is necessary for MCL 2.0 to work on the
Centris 610.

Looks like we really need an MCL FAQ. I've known this for quite a while, but
haven't managed to scrape up enough free time to do it. Volunteers?