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EKG-type graphing


 I need to write a EKG-type grapher in MCL.  This type of grapher would create
a line-graph with the latest time point being at the origin, and the previous
time points falling off the right end of the fixed length graph.  The analog is
the EKG machines where the paper is moving away from the writing needle.  A
constraint on the implementation is that it should take up little screen
real-estate and be rather quick, as there could be one or two dozen of these on
the screen at a time. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to implement
such a grapher.  I would appreciate it even more if somebody that has already
done it would pass it on to me.

Tom Eskridge
Computer Science Department
New Mexico State University
Box 30001/3CU
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001


Intelligent Reasoning Systems, Inc.
Box 30001/3ARP 
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001
teskridg@nmsu.edu (505) 646-7796