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New address

I recently moved to Toyohashi University of Technology, which is located
somewhere between Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan.  My new mail address is


>from within Japan, and


>from CSNET in US.  Messages to my old address are automatically
forwarded to this new address, but sending to the new address
takes less time.

RIMS, Kyoto University will keep handling KCL licensing as before, but
KCL will be maintained here at Toyohashi.  I am now looking for a
machine on which we will work for the KCL maintenance.

If any one of you have a chance to take the Japanese super express,
drop by at Toyohashi.  It's a small town but you can find Holiday Inn,
McDonalds', Mister Donuts, etc. etc.


Taiichi Yuasa
Department of Information and Computer Science
Toyohashi University of Technology
Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi, 440, Japan

tel: 0532-47-0111 ext 503