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TYPEP doesn't test COMPLEX

   From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk>
   Date: Thu, 10 Dec 87 23:50:10 GMT

   (TYPEP x 'COMPLEX) always => NIL.

	KCl (Kyoto Common Lisp)  June 3, 1987

	>(typep #c(1 1) 'complex)

   This can be fixed as follows:

	(setf (get 'complex 'type-predicate) 'complexp)

   Jeff Dalton,                      JANET: J.Dalton@uk.ac.ed             
   AI Applications Institute,        ARPA:  J.Dalton%uk.ac.ed@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk
   Edinburgh University.             UUCP:  ...!ukc!ed.ac.uk!J.Dalton

of course this should have been

	(setf (get 'complex 'si::type-predicate) 'complexp)

for people who live in the USER package.