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I suspect randomness:  The bug Jeff@aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk reports
just bit me a couple of hours ago.  And is funnier than it seems.

I loaded Doug Rand's defsystem package and a package of mine, called
kcl-edit.  There exist symbols defsystem:defsystem and kcl-edit:ed.
During loading of the defsystem package, the symbol 'defsystem gets
interned accidentally in 'user.  Of course, 'ed is already in 'user
via 'lisp.

Now, (shadowing-import 'kcl-edit:ed) works.  (shadowing-import
'defsystem:defsystem) doesn't.  Same for 'sloop:sloop.

My impression was that the package qualifier was being used as a
symbol somewhere during the translation and it was triggering the
problem (= symbols of the form 'x:x would fail; symbols like 'a:b
had a chance to work.)  Jeff's example disproves the hypothesis,

Cesar Augusto  Quiroz Gonzalez

Department of Computer Science     ...allegra!rochester!quiroz
University of Rochester            or
Rochester,  NY 14627               quiroz@cs.rochester.edu