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Nil is a sequence.

This is a nit discovered due to a typo:


      Error: NIL is not a sequence.
      Error signalled by SYSTEM:SHARP-A-READER.

      Broken at READ.  Type :H for Help.

      Top level.

I am reasonable sure (upon careful exegesis of p.357) that my typo
should have produced a vector of size zero.  [If not persuaded,
consider (make-array 0 :initial-contents ())]

Even if this interpretation is not right, the error message lies.
NIL is most surely a sequence, because it is a list.  The first
paragraph in p. 245 says that explicitly.

Cesar Augusto  Quiroz Gonzalez

Department of Computer Science     ...allegra!rochester!quiroz
University of Rochester            or
Rochester,  NY 14627               quiroz@cs.rochester.edu