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Re: TYPES doesn't test COMPLEX

	Date: Thu, 10 Dec 87 16:51:03 PST
	From: raible%rodan.nas.nasa.gov%ngp.utexas.edu@RELAY.CS.NET L. Raible" <raible@rodan.nas.nasa.gov>
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	To: jeff%aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk
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	In-Reply-To: Jeff Dalton's message of Thu, 10 Dec 87 23:50:10 GMT <14144.8712102350@aiva.ed.ac.uk>
	Subject: TYPEP doesn't test COMPLEX
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	   From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk>
	   Date: Thu, 10 Dec 87 23:50:10 GMT

	   (TYPEP x 'COMPLEX) always => NIL.

		KCl (Kyoto Common Lisp)  June 3, 1987

		>(typep #c(1 1) 'complex)

	   This can be fixed as follows:

		(setf (get 'complex 'type-predicate) 'complexp)

	   Jeff Dalton,                      JANET: J.Dalton@uk.ac.ed             
	   AI Applications Institute,        ARPA:  J.Dalton%uk.ac.ed@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk
	   Edinburgh University.             UUCP:  ...!ukc!ed.ac.uk!J.Dalton

	of course this should have been

		(setf (get 'complex 'si::type-predicate) 'complexp)

	for people who live in the USER package.

There was a bug in the definition of the Lisp function TYPEP
in lsp/predlib.lsp.  To fix the bug, replace the CASE clause

     (and (complexp object)
          (typep (realpart object) (car i))
          (typep (imagpart object) (car i))))
     (and (complexp object)
          (or (null i)
              (and (typep (realpart object) (car i))
                   (typep (imagpart object) (car i))))))
-- Taiichi