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Help: KCL on SCO Xenix

Hi. I'm mailing again, as it didn't work last time...

I want to port KCL to Santa Cruz Operation Xenix, which I am running in 
incarnation 2.2.1 with development system 2.1.4. My machine is an IBM PC/AT
which means that it has a 16-bit word, and that "int" is 16, not 32 bits.

Also, Xenix is System V release 2, not BSD, nor even SysVr3...

If anyone out there has experience in porting KCL to a 16-bit machine,
please do mail to me. I'm sure Kyoto (or whoever currently maintains and
distributes KCL) would like to have it available on this level of machine,
as they are becoming much more popular.

Also, any help on porting KCL to System V release 2 would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Jay Libove
Arpa:   Jay.Libove@andrew.cmu.edu	Bitnet: Jay.Libove@drycas.bitnet
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