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For reliability and better Internet access, I'm moving KCL to cli.com.
(I do not intend to delete KCL from rascal.ics.utexas.edu, but
rascal's stability is not high.)  Before sending a note to the Common
Lisp mailing list advertizing the change, I wonder if I could get
someone to go through the exercise of:

   1.  ftping to cli.com
   2.  logging in as ftp, password guest
   3.  getting /pub/kcl/kcl.broadcast
   4.  carrying out the instructions in that file to build a
       new KCL

The instructions are really only microscopically different from
before.  All the differences stem from the fact that I have only put
the split, compressed, version on cli because we are currently fairly
low on disk space and because I want to keep ftp traffic low.

The archive of messages to this mailing list is now being kept in the
file /pub/kcl/kcl-mail-archive on cli.com, if you ftp in as in steps 1
and 2 above.