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SUN3 SUNOS 4.0 - KCL error building saved_kcl?

Status: R

Has anyone ecountered the following problem when installing
KCL (December 9th 87) on a SUN3/110 SUNOS 4.0?

1)- raw_kcl builds OK, but
2)- here's the error that I am getting when trying to build "saved_kcl":

sh 3897: Memory-fault - core dump
	Error code 139

make: Fatal error: Command failed for target "saved_kcl"
stack looks like...
	string_eq(0x0, 0x15ff98) at 0x30db4
	intern(0x15ff98, 0x1804a4) at 0x17f13
	read_object(0x1967a8) at 0x385bf
	Lleft_parenthesis_reader() at 0x386bd

in string.d line 75       	i=x->st.st_fillp;
	(x is nil here)
from package.d            	if (string_eq(l->c.car, st)) {
	(l is not nil)
from read_object line 545 	x=intern(token, p);

This seems to happen while reading "compmain.lsp".

Have you encountered a similar problem?
Is KCL running on SUNOS 4.0 out there?
Are there fixes to KCL since Dec 9, 88 that we need to install?
Help, hints welcome.

Olivier Clarisse