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Re: read-line

// From quiroz@cs.rochester.edu Fri Jul 15 08:38:47 1988

// As `listen' and `clear-input' are no-ops, and `read-char-no-hang' is
// just the same as `read-char', I suppose there is no way you can
// synchronize your input streams in KCl.  How do you distinguish a
// #\Newline left behind from a previous interaction from one meaning
// an empty response to your query?

// (2) I don't see strong reasons why
// the correct semantics of I/O as per the book couldn't be implemented
// in Unix, at least in BSD and derivatives.  Perhaps with some
// guidance from the authors, some of us could put together a more
// robust I/O system.

Before we all jump on KCL, the I/O system is fine (we won't
mention the exit on EOF bug).  The problem is just a bug
in the toplevel.  The fix is easy.  Just change all calls
to read in the toplevel to read-preserving-whitespace,
then follow it with a read-line to throw away the newline.