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Using gcc with kcl? (or akcl).

Has anyone out there tried to use gcc (the gnu cc from FSF) as the
c-compiler for kcl?  We have the "June 3,1987" kcl from Austin, and are
about to try to bring up akcl, and we have gcc running already on Sun-3's.
The obvious change is in file cmpmain.lsp, function compiler-cc; it's a
little buried in sharp-readers, but a global change of "cc" to "gcc" seems
all that is in order.  But near the top of cmpmain.lsp, because the
Sun-3's have #+(and bsd (not seq)), we have 'buggy-cc pushed onto
*features*.  Does anyone know what this means, and if it should be killed
for gcc?  And any other changes I might have missed...

Thanx in advance; sorry if this has come up before, I'm new to this list.

Kevin Thompson
kthompso@ics.uci.edu                  Dept of Information and Computer Science
{sdcsvax|ucbvax}!ucivax!rome!kthompso (UUCP) University of California, Irvine