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Help with AKCL 1.79 on SPARC

We are currently trying to compile AKCL, version 79, on the Sun 4.

We already have AKCL compiled and working on the Sun 3, the Sun 4 is
giving us compilation errors.

The most noticable problem is the following:

The embedded make in the unixport directory returns the following 
error message during compilation:
	undefined: _fasload

The make, however, is successful and gives no error message if called
a second time.

Thus, it seems that AKCL is compiled for the Sun 4 but once I attempt
to invoke AKCL with xbin/kcl, I get this error:
        <my akcl directory>/unixport/saved_kcl: not found

And, indeed, there is no such file name saved_kcl.  I also notice that
raw_kcl is not executable (and gives an ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION error if
I change permissions to make it executable).

The only changes that we made were the following:
   - we edited the various makefiles, commenting out values for RSYM
     SFASL, and INITFORM (as suggested, once we had problems compiling).
   - we commented out those commands beneath "if you are wfs on rascal"
     in unixport/makefile.  I assumed that the entire indented block of
     commands were not to be executed.
   - removed the -B flag called for cc in various makefiles (cc on the
     Sun 4 does not support this option flag)

Has anyone compiled this version of AKCL successfully on the Sun 4 yet?
If so, is there a set of patches to help us out?

Any suggestions??

Thanks!  We'd appreciate any guidance you could give us.



Alberto Segre
Assistant Professor
Cornell University
Department of Computer Science
Upson Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853-7501

Tel. (607) 255-9196

ARPA:   segre@gvax.cs.cornell.edu
Bitnet: segre@crnlcs.bitnet
UUCP:   ...decvax!cornell!segre