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Re: KCL for a PC

I have an ad here from a company called Sapiens Software for
a product called Star Sapphire Lisp (SSL).  SSL claims to be
a complete implementation of Common Lisp for PC compatibles,
for only $100.  What makes me think this might be a port of
Kyoto Common Lisp is that the SSL compiler translates Lisp
into C.  (Either a Lattice C or Microsoft C compiler is
required.)  Other quotes from the ad:

	"compiles programs into the C language"

	"includes C source code for all Star Sapphire libraries"

	"1 to 8 megabyte configurable workspace"

	"virtual-memory, 64-bit architecture"

	"complete graphics package"

	"object-oriented programming"

	"requires hard disk and 640K memory"

Does anyone have this software package or know more about it?
Is it, as I suspect, a port and augmentation of KCL?

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories