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Update to problem with KCL and SUN OS 4.0


	I sent a message to this list a few months ago about problems with
getting KCL to run under SUN OS 4.0 on a 3/160.  The actual problem was with
the SUN compiler/assembler being distributed with that system.  My suggested
solution was the use of GCC.  Since posting that note I have received a
confirmation of the problem from SUN and the following BugID # 1016628.  I
have also been told that it will be fixed in SUN OS 4.1.  In the meantime, a
fix has been suggested.  Adding the arguments "-Qoption as -O" to
invocations of the C compiler apparently solves the problem.  I have
verified this with the particular source file which gave me problems, but
have not and do not at this time intend to recompile all of KCL to see if
there are any other problems.  Hopefully, though, this will help others who
are in a similar situation.

				Bill Bogstad