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akcl compile with gcc?

  Has anyone gotten akcl to compile with gcc on a sun4?  It gets to
the point where it creates the raw_maxima - then when it tries to
start it up it gets a segmentation fault and core dumps.  Here is a
dump of what you I get from dbx:

kill() at 0xf7728b58
error(s = 1860882), line 539 in "../c/main.c"
segmentation_catcher(), line 511 in "../c/main.c"
_sigtramp() at 0xf7702e20
super_funcall(fun = 0x1f7270), line 579 in "../c/eval.c"
Fprogn(body = 0x22cfa4), line 230 in "../c/prog.c"
eval(form = 0x22cfb0), line 680 in "../c/eval.c"
ieval(x = 0x22c2a0), line 892 in "../c/eval.c"
load(s = 0x1ce135 "../lsp/autoload.lsp"), line 1158 in "../c/file.d"
() at 0x92484
main(argc = 2, argv = 0xf7fffd24, envp = 0xf7fffd30), line 224 in "../c/main.c"

I've tried both the 1.31 and 1.32 versions of gcc, but both get the same
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