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akcl for SUN386i

Has anybody ported akcl to the SUN386i?
W. Schelter mentioned me that somebody has done it, but he
don't remember who.
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Subject: Buglet in symbol printing
Summary: Incorrect implementation of :capitalize
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 From p.372 in CLtL:

    ... Uppercase characters in the internal print name are printed
    in upper case, in lower case, or in mixed case so as to
    capitalize words, according to the value of *print-case*.  The
    convention for what constitutes a ``word'' is the same as for
    the function string-capitalize.


    "June 3, 1987"



    >(string-capitalize "*print-case*")

This bug is of such capital importance that everybody should stop
running any KCl programs until a fix is announced :-)

[Maybe we should maintain three lists:  real bugs, nits that can wait
until something forces us to read the code, and improvements that
are not precisely bug fixes (like the code for ignoring EOF in the
top level) but can make life more enjoyable.]

Let's say I find an excuse for fixing this one (unlikely), does
anyone care if I hack in code to print nil as () when

    (and *print-escape* *print-pretty*)

as is permitted by the second paragraph of p.367?  It seems that nil
is always printed as nil these days.