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[ccaw001@utadnx.cc.utexas.edu: RE: CLI <-> connectivity]

If you are having trouble connecting to rascal.ics.utexas.edu to ftp
copies of AKCL or KCL, the following remarks may help you help your
systems people improve matters.

Date: 21 Feb 89 12:32:00 CDT
From: "Rick Watson" <ccaw001@utadnx.cc.utexas.edu>
Subject: RE: CLI <-> connectivity
To: "boyer" <boyer@cli.com>
Cc: "olphie" <olphie@cli.com>

> I have manually routed us to UT.  The core gateways all advertise the route
> to UT through Univ of Ill ( which just doesn't work 98% of the 
> time.  I finally found a route that works. (
> Ron

Interesting, is where packets go from the NSFnet backbone to the 

CLI will be well connected to UT when CLI switches from the PSN
to the cisco router.  You will then be in the same situation 
that we are, being advertised at

Then NSFnet <-> Arpanet connectivity problem is being worked on; I don't 
know when any of the new connections will be in place.