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AKCL, PCL, and Sun-4


I have been able to obtain and partially install AKCL-1-100, KCL, and PCL on 
my Solbourne 4/601 workstation.  The Solbourne is a Sun 4/260 compatible.
I've got a reasonable amount of memory (16MB) and disk (700MB), and 
am running Solbourne's port of SunOS 4.0.1.

Of course, I have a couple of problems.  I'd like to get in touch with 
anyone that has experience with the PCL, AKCL / KCL, and Sun-4 systems.

In particular, I have the following questions:

    1.  Is is reasonable to try and use AKCL-1-100 rather than an
        unmodified KCL?  Is there a 'pure' version of KCL that runs
        on Sun-4 systems?  

    2.  I have been using the supplied Solbourne C compiler; has anyone
        had better luck with, say, the GNU C compiler?  I have the sources
        to the compiler, but haven't tried to bring it up yet.

I should point out that I think I am fairly close to having a working
PCL.  I am able to define new classes and such, but there also seem to
be some errors.  As my test cases, I'm using some examples from the 
book "Object Oriented Programming in Common Lisp -- A Programmers Guide
to CLOS" by Sonya E. Keene.  

For example, I can define the following:

    (defclass lock ()
    	((name :initarg :name :reader lock-name))
    	(:documentation "The foundation of all locks."))

    (defclass simple-lock (lock)
    	((owner :initform nil :accessor lock-owner))
    	(:documentation "A lock that is either free or busy."))

    (setq *simple-lock* (make-instance 'simple-lock :name "A simple lock"))

but when I evaluate:

    (type-of *simple-lock*)

I don't get SIMPLE-LOCK, as I would expect.  Rather I get PCL::IWMC-CLASS.

Also, the function DEFGENERIC is undefined.

Oh, BTW, I think the version of AKCL-1-100 on cli.com may be corrupt;
I had to ftp a second copy from rascal.ics.utexas.edu to get one that
would unpack properly.

Thanks in advance,

John Sambrook                        Internet: amc!john@uunet.uu.net
Applied Microsystems Corporation	 UUCP: amc!john
Redmond, Washington  98073               Dial: (206) 882-2000 ext. 630