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   akcl compiles fine for me on a Sun4, but breaks on a Sun3.  cmplam.c and
   cmptop.c give an as (phase error).  If I compile those two without -O
   they compile without complaint, but then later I get

   Initializing cmplam...  
   Error: Unexpected end of #<input stream "../cmpnew/cmplam.o">.
   Error signalled by SYSTEM:INIT-SYSTEM.

   Does any of this ring a bell?  Sun 3/60 under 4.0.1.  Plenty of /tmp,
   main memory is 8mb.


 From wfs@rascal.ics.utexas.edu

   This phase error is a sun3  c compiler bug I believe 
   ( sun3 in OS 4.0)

   Did you use the workaround:

   CC = cc -DVOL= -Bstatic -I$(AKCLDIR)/o -Qoption as -O

   as recommended in the  h/sun3.defs ?
   The error unexpected eof
   is due to the fact that somehow

   cat cmplam.data >> cmplam.o
   was not done, so the lisp vector is not at the end of the .o file

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Subject: Questions on AKCL 1.175
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I've installed AKCL 1.175 on a Sun 3 with Sun OS 4.0 with no problems.
Thanks for making this available to the community.

I have a few questions:

1. Since we also have Lucid Common Lisp and often use Symbolics
machines here, it would be nice for KCL to use ".lisp" filename
extensions rather than ".lsp". Is there an easy way to change this?

2. Is the SLOOP macro package necessary for AKCL, or can it be omitted
when constructing the image?

Any input is appreciated!


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