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New Mailing List

The number of various machines and operating systems under which
AKCL/KCL now runs is considerable.  Presumably no one has every
possible combination of machine and operating system under which to
test new versions and ports of AKCL.

At the suggestion of Bill Schelter and as an experiment in trying to
create a distributed help network for installing AKCL/KCL, I have set
up a new mailing list


Anyone who has a running KCL or AKCL and would be willing TO HELP
OTHERS install KCL or AKCL is invited to send a comprehensive message
to kcl-installation@cli.com giving full information about machine,
machine configuration, operating system type and version, version of
KCL or AKCL, c compiler used, electronic address, telephone number,
and surface mailing address.  And anything else relevant.  All the
messages sent to this list will be archived as the file
/pub/kcl/kcl-installation-mail-archive, visible by anonymous ftp to

To reduce the tedium of maintaining yet another mailing list of
addresses (the high rate at which valid Internet mailing addresses
come and go is astonishing), I am going to limit membership to this
mailing list to those who send an offer to help as described above.
Anyone not willing to offer help can get the archive by ftp or by
explicit request to me for mail.  If someone sends a message to
kcl@cli.com requesting help, I (or someone else) will try to point
them to the relevant people.

Bob Boyer