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Re: An AKCL Installation Guide

Bob Boyer forwarded a copy of my AKCL Installation Guide to the kcl mailing list,
and I wanted to clarify a couple of points about it.  First, this guide was
developed for use in a SUN environment, so it is not as general as it should be.
As a starting point, I used the file ~ftp/pub/akcl/AKCL.README from cli.com,
which is more general, and I recommend that you read it first.  I have simply
tried to clarify some points and to remove some of the (for our purposes)
extraneous information.

Second, Warren Hunt (hunt@cli.com) has asked why I used the -msoft-float switch
for gcc.  I used this switch simply because every example use of gcc in the
akcl/h/*.defs files (except for sun386i.defs) did it this way.

Third, you will note that I have suggested using the combination:


	OFLAG = -O2

That is, I am assuming that ODIR_DEBUG will be used when compiling the AKCL source
files, and that OFLAG will be used when compiling Lisp files.  I do not know whether
-O2 is the best selection for OFLAG -- it is simply a guess on my part after having
read the CC man page for SunOS 4.0.1, and it is based on Bill Schelter's comment in
the sun4.defs file that -O4 cannot always be used.  However, the makefile in the
akcl/o directory is not quite set up to use these switches in this manner, as it
generates compiler commands that contain both ODIR_DEBUG and OFLAG (because CFLAGS
has been redefined to contain ODIR_DEBUG).  I imagine that this situation just arose
with SunOS 4.0, which allows different levels of compiler optimization.  I have sent
a message to Bill Schelter suggesting that he change akcl/o/makefile so that all of
the lines that generate compiler commands do not include OFLAG.  Ideally, the best
fix would involve changing all the makefiles and *.defs files so that new macros are
used, perhaps O_DIR_FLAGS and LSP_DIR_FLAGS, but Prof. Schelter's time is too valuable
for this.  For now, it may be best to use -O for both ODIR_DEBUG and OFLAG, unless you
want to edit your copy of akcl/o/makefile.

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion that may arise from my AKCL Installation Guide.

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