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#! in AKCL object files

I am trying to compile some code (formerly run under KCL) using AKCL
1-189 in a Sun 4/330.

The object file ends in a vector (as usual) some of whose entries
are preceded by `#!', like this:

(lisp::provide :fcsets)
(lisp::in-package "USER")
(lisp::export '(user::universe user::object-index user::object->index user::index->object user::register-element! user::new-universe user::sequence->universe user::universe-size user::print-universe))
(lisp::export '(user::fcset user::fcset.print user::*empty-set* user::*universal* user::fcset.cardinality user::list->finite-set user::list->cofinite-set user::sequence->finite-set user::sequence->cofinite-set user::new-finite-set user::new-cofinite-set))

There is no hash-bang dispatch macro, so I get an error during load,
of this general shape:

Backtrace:  > eval > compile-load-system > compile-system > when >
dolist > compile-system > dolist > defsys::compile-if-needed > 
if > progn > dolist > defsys::load-if-needed > if > when > 
defsys::do-load > if > LOAD

Broken at LOAD.

The default dispatch macro signalled an error.

Help will be gratefully appreciated,