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Re: KCL on a SPARCstation

> I am still looking for an implementation of CLOS running under KCL. 

PCL (the Portable Common LOOPS package) is a pretty good CLOS
implementation that will run under AKCL.  It is available via
anonymous ftp from arisia.xerox.com.

It has been quite a while now (read: old versions), but I once got
AKCL, PCL, CLX, and CLUE all up and running (more or less - I never
got that version of CLUE working very well).  Here are some old
notes I kept on the steps to take and the SIZES of the various
executables.  This was all on a Sun 3/50 with 4MB(!) so the sizes
were pretty frightening.  One of these days I want to try it again
with a current AKCL, PCL, CLX, and CLUE (they have all changed since

KCL + PCL + CLX(w/clos-patch) + CLUE	(~ Feb 89)

  How to make it:
        Compile PCL with KCL => kcl-clos
        Compile CLX w/clos-patch with kcl-clos => kcl-clos-clx
        Compile CLUE with kcl-clos-clx

kcl-1.79 w/gcc-1.29?    2,068,480       (~1MB text, 1.1MB data)
kcl-clx                 3,620,864       (clx - 1,552,384)
kcl-clos                3,688,448       (clos - 1,619,968)
kcl-clos-clx            5,183,488       (clx - 1,495,040, both - 3,115,008)
kcl-clue                4,382,720       (clos-kludge version, i.e. not PCL)

- Phil